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VICE x Smirnoff


For the launch of Smirnoff’s international music platform, Smirnoff Sound Collective, my team created a series called TRIBES which covered artists looking to make their shows and the scenes surrounding them more inclusive.

In this episode we meet the founders of NAAFI, a Mexico City-based electronic music collective using their network and parties to redefine Latin identity. We follow NAAFI and their friends from collectives HiedraH (Argentina) and Salviatek (Uruguay) as they prepare for their inaugural ‘Latin Cumbre’ party: An event showcasing a new wave of dance music coming from all corners of Latin America. 

The episode features special appearances by Mexican Jihad, LAO, Imaabs, Paul Marmota & Fausto Bahía from NAAFI – Juan Jose Nahuel Colazo, Ivan Lopez & Melody from HiedraH – Lechuga Zafiro from Salviatek – & Panchitron from Svntv Mverte.

Director: Gandja Monteiro
Creative Director: Kelly Fulton
Producer: Amanda Naseem
Director of Photography: Diego Rosenblatt
Editor: Bruno Toré, Steven Ross