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VICE x Smirnoff


For the launch of Smirnoff’s international music platform, Smirnoff Sound Collective, my team created a series called TRIBES which covered artists looking to make their shows and the scenes surrounding them more inclusive.

We kicked off with Discwoman, a short documentary turning up the volume on the issue of gender bias in the global electronic music scene, which premiered on VICELAND.

Starring: Frankie Hutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson (Umfang), Christine Tran, Stareyes, The Black Madonna, Nicole Moudaber, Sandunes, Honey Dijon, Elle Erdman 

Writer + Director: Stacey Lee
Creative Director: Kelly Fulton
Producer: Anna Rau
Cinematography: Ryan Carmody
Editor: Nick Pezzillo
Executive Producers: Corbett Jones + Anna Rau

New York Production:
Taylor Cole, Production Manager
Andrew Voegeli, Movi Operator
Austin Plocher, Sound Mixer
Nikita Carpenter, DIT / Grip
Derek Willis, Natalie Holme, Laurice Fox, Production Assistants

Iván Melicoff Abril, Line Producer
Rene Zorrilla, Unit Manager
Enrique Bouchez, Key PA
Carlos Guijosa, Tabata Gasse, PAs
Erick Julian, Camera Tech
Gerardo Sánchez, Video Tech
Sealtiel Alatriste, Sound Mixer
Eduardo Garduño, Erick Julian, Drivers

Los Angeles:
Emmett Casey, Sound Mixer
Corbett Jones, AC Utility

Post Production:
Corbett Jones, Additional Editor
Ryan Carmody, Delaney Lynch, Color
Zach Goheen, Sound Design + Mix