BeSe | Food For Thought

BeSe – Food For Thought Zoe Saldana BeSe wanted to create a social friendly food series that explained recipes in a playful way. I’d been looking for an opportunity to pay tribute to the classic MTV series’ Pop Up Video, and this format was the perfect fit. In this episode, watch as Zoe Saldana creates […]

BeSe | Flavor Of Sound

BeSe – Flavor of Sound Tommy Dorfman BeSe wanted to create a short food series where celebrities cooked a beloved dish that celebrated their heritage. I decided we should add an extra layer of sensuality by leaning into the world of ASMR. What resulted is the most sensual banana pudding recipe you’ve ever experienced, delivered […]

PBR | Basho

PBR Basho PBR came to us to create a CTA video around their annual can design competition. We decided to create a purely fun, subliminal spot that celebrated their previous can design winner (Gaijin) via this DIY internet-aesthetic journey based on an ancient Japanese poem. Doesn’t make sense? Was never meant to, Co-Director: Tannaz HazemiMusic: […]

Wav Media | Who Dis?

Wav Media Who Dis? For this short, comedic social series, Wav Media asked my team and I to create a series of social assets about popular rappers without having any access to the artists themselves. So we decided to enlist some of the funniest local comedians (and random characters) to try and decipher the real […]

Tea Time on Hip Hop Nation

Tea Time on Hip Hop Nation This is a short that I wrote, directed and acted in. Available for viewing on SHOWTIME via their Spotlight’s Series. Or viewable via a password which you can get if you email me.