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BeSe x Smartwater


Escaramuza is an all-female, rodeo-like sport from Mexico that combines beauty, history and strength—and it’s being kept alive right here in the U.S. Meet Arizona-based team, Escaramuza Charra Rayenari in our first episode of “The Shape Shift”—an original series from BeSe and Smartwater that explores the intersection of sports, culture and history. 

Director: Nina Meredith
Creative Director: Kelly Fulton
Editor & Sound Design: Alvaro Del Val ,
Colorist- Gregory Reese, A52
Sound Design & Mix: Rafal Smolen
Director of Photography: Benjamin Whatley
Producer: Phil Staiman
1st Assistant Camera: Misael Audelo
Gaffer: Alex Mitchell
Sound Mixer: Matt Radlauer
Production Assistant: Pedro Perez
BeSe: Zoe Saldana, Flavia Casa, Malon Murphy, Martina D’Alba, Leslie Ambriz, Inez Franco